Virtually Spiritual, June 2019

“Spirituality” was once a word that almost always referred to formal religion. Today, the term also refers to personal experiences of a transcendent dimension and the deepest values and meanings by which people live. Outside of organized religion, a spiritual belief can be in something beyond the observable world. Perhaps a belief in personal growth, a quest for the meaning of life, or encountering one’s inner self. Virtual spirituality? Same meaning.

In a virtual environment like SL, the opportunities for spiritual pursuits are limitless — as befits our nearly limitless environment. Spiritual organizations of every type abound, as do the opportunities for individual discovery. Some celebrate formally in groups and others just provide opportunity for individual thought and contemplation.

A celebration in June you will see observed in SL is the pagan celebration of Midsummer or “Litha.” The focus of this celebration is the power of the sun. The earth has warmed up and is pouring forth its bounty in crops, flowers, and general greening of the northern hemisphere. Days are longer, and nights are softer. There are many ways to celebrate this holiday, both formally and informally. Perhaps the best celebration is to spend some time enjoying the outdoors and connecting with nature, or — in our virtual world — visiting one of the many beautifully designed nature sims with a bit of imagination.

Spirit Pond Chrystal Mountain

Also in June is the new moon around June 3, and the full moon around June 17. New moons are traditionally a time for making wishes and plans for things we wish to manifest in the future. The full moon is a time of releasing whatever no longer serves us in our lives. This can mean anything from physical cleansing to letting go of old limiting beliefs. The June full moon is the Strawberry Moon and celebrates the sweetness of the ripening fruit and the fertility of our world, which makes it a good time to identify and release the things that are keeping ourselves from ripening or growing. Whatever your spiritual path, these markers — which occur every month — are just two of the ways our universe (if we listen) gently guides us to self-care and offers us an opportunity to grow.

Namaste (the divine in me sees and recognizes the divine in you).