Art on Tour

Available Now on Second Life’s Marketplace!

->★ What is it? ★<-

The Art on Tour is the original teleporting HUD created from scratch by Angela Thespian. The finished HUD was then brought to our FOCUS friend, Fred Allandale, who streamlined the scripts. In exchange for his help, we gave Fred permission to sell the HUD in his store and it is available for anyone to use! Angela has worked with Fred on a number of useful gadgets and we encourage you to check out his store!

The original intent behind the HUD was to keep the FOCUS Art Community informed on new exhibits and galleries of interest. Simply put, it’s hard for anyone to stay on top of exhibits in SL — there are just SO many. So each month we offer one touch teleports to some of the best and most current artwork in SL. We keep the amount of galleries to just 18, as too many can quickly become overwhelming. For three years, we have diligently continued to bring the Art on Tour to the Second Life Art Community for FREE! It’s free to both users and featured galleries alike.

->★ What are people saying? ★<-

“The Art on Tour has changed the way I see galleries.” ~ L.O.

“I have trusted the Art on Tour for years now. My partner and I use it for date night!” ~ B.N.

“I know just where to look for the most up-to-date galleries in SL. I am a big fan of the Art on Tour!” ~ C.L.

“THE trusted HUD for Art Exhibitions! I would not be able to keep up with new art without it.” ~ L.L.

->★ How to get it? ★<-

We send this HUD along with the current issue of FOCUS MAGAZINE to each of our subscribers every month. You can also pick it up at our vendor outside of the FOCUS Gallery or SL marketplace.

->★ How to use it? ★<-

Using this HUD is a really simple process. Just “add” the hud to your avatar and you can find step-by-step instructions by clicking on the “HELP” button. This will give you a notecard explaining how you can use the HUD.

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