Something… with Tania de Rang – June, 2019

Something New, Something Old, Something Borrowed - by Tania de Rang

The new generation of Linden homes are already here and they are amazing! Available exclusively to premium members and located in a brand new continent called Bellisseria, these homes won’t disappoint you. Their release on May 15th included traditional homes and house boats across 384 regions. In just 48 hours, they were already claimed! But don’t worry if you are like me and couldn’t get a hold of one. More are yet to come in the near future, with even more options.

Nothing has survived the passing of time like the wonderful old “Vintage Village” on the Verdigris sim created by Oriolus Oliva. Immerse yourself in this Hungarian ambiance filled with fantastic details. Climb atop a working windmill overlooking The Centaurs’ Hall, or sit with a friend at Balaton Coffee Shop and watch the waterfall. Make sure you allow your profile photo to be displayed for a funny surprise!

Windlight is an atmospheric lighting and rendering system within SL and can be especially helpful to photographers to create stunning images and to capture different moods. But getting the settings right can be tricky at times. Fortunately we can borrow from Strawberrysingh, former #1 blogger in the SL community and currently working for Lindens Labs. On her website you can find lots of useful information as well as instructions on how to download her own windlight settings and some from other too. Enjoy!