Kitten’s Korner – June 2019

Kitten's Korner with Kitten Sinclair

Something I like to do, from time to time, is go to one of my favorite artist’s page on Flickr and look at the very 1st picture they posted. It’s fun to go through their photo-stream and see how far they’ve come. I’ve asked Lolita Paragorn to be our re-creation focus for this issue.

Kitten: Thank you, Lolita, for agreeing to this interview and project. I see your 1st pic on Flickr was posted in April 2012. Can you tell us a bit about it?

Lolita: With the new rules of Flickr, I deleted many pics, but I kept my old pics that are important to me. This pic in 2012, is a styling for my graduation from modeling school. I did this pic because it was important to post the look.

Kitten: Did you have any mentors? Or how did you teach yourself to take pics?

Lolita: No. All I do on SL I learned on my own, except modeling. For that, I can thank my friend Ondine. With photography, I learned slowly. I read books and watched YouTube. I have a few friends on SL and we share our knowledge.

Kitten: What inspires you to take photographs in SL?

Lolita: In SL, I’m a model on the runaway. When I started to learn modeling, it was necessary to do a blog to post all my stylings. Then some designer friends asked me to blog for them. It’s the beginning of my new goal on SL, my blog and my pics. But I think it’s the outfit that inspires me. Whatever the style, I try to find a good background and pose.

Kitten: What are some of your favorite windlights, photography tools in SL, and
editing programs?

Lolita: I use GIMP to edit my pics, for that I bought a book and watched many videos on YouTube. I use the Firestorm windlights and I don’t modify my pics a lot. I focus on the color of the outfits, skin, or eyes.

Kitten: What advice would you give to other photographers?

Lolita: For newbies, I would advise them to start with a simple background. Practice using the camera and zoom. As for editing, it’s important to keep the textures and colors. So I would say try not to depend on a lot of editing outside SL.