FOCUS Gallery

->★ Our Mission Statement: ★<-

We believe in friendship and having fun. We believe in the value of creating and fostering friendships in Second Life with people from around the world. We also believe in fostering and celebrating the artistic outlets available in Second Life. We want to facilitate the connection of like-minded people in SL. We also want to bridge the gap with photographers we have admired in Flickr and get to know them better in SL. We want to create a group chat where people can log into SL, say hello, and always find a friend.

->★ How We Achieve It: ★<-

We do this primarily with FOCUS Magazine and Gallery, where we exhibit various SL photographers and also touch on topics such as clothing, music, and dance. We have interesting events such as photo contests and performances by musicians. We do not see a limit to where the magazine and gallery can go. In order to grow and create a community, we need people who believe in our mission and will enjoy putting in a little effort so that as a whole, we have a lot.

->★ How You Can Contribute: ★<-

Everyone contributes just by being present, but if you would like to contribute extra by writing for the magazine, advertising, marketing, or sharing another good idea, please contact a group moderator so we can connect with you. We are a TEAM, and we want everyone who joins to have the mindset of being a team member.

Our group aspires to link friends from Flickr into SL. We want to encourage friendship and creative growth. We celebrate all genres of artistry in SL, and strive to recognize and share with every single member. We offer an opportunity for each individual’s creative voice to be heard. But we have nothing if we don’t have YOU!

Lively Group Chat ~ Photo Gallery ~ Fun Events ~ Creative Friends ~
Photo Contests ~ Informative Photography Classes ~ and more!