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FOCUS Magazine September 2023

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We have a comprehensive article about the new changes coming to Second Life with PBR and reflections! And we have our bi-annual catalog of FOCUS Photography Fair vendors for you to peruse before you stop by the fair. We also have reviews of Kondor Art Centre, ArtCare as well as a special exhibit entitled “Women of Shakespeare” that will be held at Kondor Art Club with recitations by Bajoy. Check out this terrific September issue of FOCUS Magazine by clicking here!

The SEPTEMBER FOCUS PHOTOGRAPHY FAIR is HERE! And will run until September 22nd! With almost 50 vendors prepared to showcase their creations and art for you! It’s the first ever fair that is geared directly toward photographers’ needs in SL. The Photography Fair offers our photographers all the tools that photographers need and want to facilitate and inspire their creativity! From tools, to props, to backdrops, to poses — YOU WILL FIND IT HERE! 
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See the latest artistic contributions to the FOCUS Magazine Select Flickr group, featuring some of the best artists in virtual photography.

Explore our virtual gallery in Second Life and experience how we have been supporting virtual artists now for seven years!

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See the latest artistic contributions to our open FOCUS Magazine Flickr group. You’ll find virtual photographers of all talents and experience. (These photos are marked as safe, but once in a while an artist mis-rates a photo so proceed with caution.)

Frequently asked questions:

What is FOCUS Magazine?

FOCUS Magazine is a monthly publication that follows, reviews and supports virtual artists in the metaverse, including grids like OpenSim and Second Life, Meta and other gaming and social media outlets. We have over 20,000 monthly subscribers.

How does FOCUS Magazine support virtual art?

FOCUS Magazine & Galleries champions and supports art on virtual platforms including the platform called Second Life. These artists use very similar tools and concepts as photographers in “real life” however their artform has yet to be fully discovered and appreciated. Take a look at our featured artists, or our “Editor’s Picks” portion of the magazine. Without a doubt, you will be amazed by the talent and creativity that users produce and strive to share. Click here to view the Current and Past Issues.

How do I subscribe to FOCUS Magazine online?

To receive access to the current and past issues of FOCUS Magazine, choose a subscription that’s right for you. We also have educational and hardship discounts, so please contact us if that applies to you.

How much does a subscription to FOCUS Magazine cost?

FOCUS Magazine has always been dedicated to bringing you the freshest art news and updates at the lowest cost possible. The cost per issue is just $1 USD and $10 USD per year.

What do I get with a subscription to FOCUS Magazine?

Every month, FOCUS Magazine delivers news and updates related to virtual art with educational, social and fun topics. We have reviews of galleries, creators, artists, musicians and more. We also host our popular “Editor’s Picks” section that features both well-known artists as well as newcomers who submit their photos to our FOCUS Magazine Flickr group. Your subscription also includes related blogs, information about photo contests and prizes, and in-the-know information about gallery openings and social art events happening in Second Life and around the Metaverse. And by subscribing, you have the satisfaction of knowing that your dollars are returning to support your friends, other artists and contributors in your virtual community.

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