Preview of FOCUS Photo Fair 2021

If you love creating images, you’ll find all kinds of cool tools among the 60 or so vendors! Yeah, kinda medieval, huh?

It opens tomorrow, Friday, October 8th. And if you get tired of shopping there will be live music performances and a FREE learning workshop or two before the event ends in two weeks. Bring a friend, too! Dancing and shopping alone are fine, but hanging out with a friend or friends is better.

FOCUS PHOTOGRAPHY FAIR December 18th – January 1st

The Photography Fair offers photographers much more than poses. We are including all the tools that photographers need and want to facilitate and inspire their creativity! If you are a creator of Backdrop, Mics, Photo Tools, Poses, Windlight and so on you will want to attend the Photography Fair on December 18th – January 1st. Please fill out the form here! and we will get back to you!

FOCUS Magazine – From the Editor, March 2020 Issue

Editor's Note by Angela Thespian, April 2019 Issue

Letter from the Editor


Happy March, Everyone!

I think this is the first issue in three volumes of issues that I wasn’t at the nth hour wondering if I would be done by the deadline and sometimes missing the deadline! I completely credit a few new members of the team for this miracle, two in particular. First, Cesar Lighthouse. We met about two years ago, but it wasn’t until he began piloting the HUD. A HUD produced by FOCUS Magazine of hand-picking galleries with active exhibits in the given month; and saw the method to my madness (or the madness to my method) that he began sharing his ideas. I have no idea how he did it but here I am, sipping tea instead of tearing out my hair and growling at Patrick for no good reason. ;).

Then, there is Chant Lyric, one of the most fun women I think I’ve ever met. If you haven’t befriended her, I highly recommend it. She produces two of the articles in this issue. While it was great fun to learn more about her interviewees through her questions, I feel as though I’ve learned nearly as much about her in her articles. She’s intelligent, professional, creative, kind, sexy and just a touch nutty. The best qualities anyone could have in my book! I’m so happy to call these two people friends can cannot thank them enough for seeing the outrageous potential of this magazine and wanting to be part of it. This issue is again jam packed with interviews with amazing people written by amazing people.

I hope you all have a happy March! Enjoy the issue!

Angela Thespian


FOCUS Magazine – From the Editor, February 2020 Issue

Editor's Note by Angela Thespian, April 2019 Issue

Letter from the Editor

Hi, all, and welcome to the February issue.
This month, FOCUS Magazine celebrates love in a few important forms. First is love of oneself and love for one other, and February brings us a perfect opportunity to demonstrate that. I’m speaking of One Billion Rising, an event that happens every year on February 14, meant to strengthen our resolve to end violence against women — and hopefully violence in general. So many of our group’s photo artists have expressed their support for One Billion Rising, so I have chosen some of their touching work to share.

Then, of course, comes romantic love. After all,
Valentine’s Day is also on the 14th too! For this, I’ve
interviewed Paeoti Snaps — not just because she and Shaw Juran have been in a loving relationship forever — but because her photos boldly express love in a sweet vulnerable way. You may need to see her photos to understand what I mean. Whether it’s her stunning landscapes or her romantic couples shots, her sweet, somewhat shy, quirky, and downright naughty personality is bravely offered for all of us to see. And of course, we all know Shaw Juran who has been the FOCUS Comics Columnist for a little over a year now. “Shawsage” (Paeoti’s hilarious nickname for him) is a terrific photog too.

Lastly, we’re celebrating “agape” or friendship love. In our group (Too Sexy for this Group), we are so blessed to be friends with hundreds of the best people — and artists — on the grid. One of these people is JimmyT49 Dukes. Not only is he an extraordinary performer, he has an openness and kind spirit that’s rare in any life. His contribution to SL through his art is truly immeasurable, and his die-hard fans (like me!) know that well. If you haven’t heard him sing, turn to the last page of his article in this issue, written by Chant Lyric, and click play.

I hope you all have a happy February! Enjoy the issue!

Angela Thespian

FOCUS Magazine – From the Editor, January 2020 Issue

Editor's Note by Angela Thespian, April 2019 Issue

Letter from the Editor

Happy New Year! I’m so happy to present you all with the first issue of the new year!

I was chatting with Patrick about New Year’s resolutions. He said he doesn’t believe in them because, most of the time, we don’t stick to them and if we really want something – why not just do it now? But I really like making new year’s resolutions. It’s like an adult Christmas list of all the things I want to do and succeed with. My resolutions usually have to do with health and money. Sometimes promising myself that this will be the year I go on that cruise through the Mediterranean or get out of debt. But the resolutions – to me – are less important than the feeling I have when making them. I feel a sense of freedom in possibilities. Holding onto hope and dreaming dreams are what make life happier for me, especially as I get older and there are less possibilities. For instance, I will never be a 22-year-old billionaire. That opportunity has passed me by.

But I can still have hope for being a 29-year-old billionaire! But for now, the universe has put FOCUS Magazine in my path and each issue is a new possibility.

This month, we are featuring Etamae Goldsmith. She is most definitely a multifaceted gem! She is a silly and funny, but then she is intelligent and socially concerned, then she takes bold photos with extreme images and colors, and then she grins about her kink like a naughty schoolgirl who avoided getting caught. Most of us in the SL art community know her (or at least know of her) and she adds her unique light to many lives.

Then we have an interview with Jaz (jessamine2108), another friend from our SL art community, born in India. Etamae interviewed her and encouraged her to express her social concerns about the treatment of women in her country through her creative expression in photo art. Her photos are on display now, and she will have a gallery opening later in the month. Her message and personal knowledge about the unfair and often brutal treatment of women is important for everyone to hear.

Then we have an interview by the ever-quirky Matt Thomson with his dear friend, Eva Burroughs. Eva explains a bit about how she ended up here in SL, taking photos, and living her SL dream with her partner, Mynx.

As usual, this magazine is packed with even more treasures. We have art, friends, shopping, thought-provoking topics, comedy and – most of all – I hope you find inspiration as we begin a new year in our journey together! Until next month, my friends!

Angela Thespian

FOCUS Magazine – From the Editor, December 2019 Issue

Editor's Note by Angela Thespian, April 2019 Issue

Letter from the Editor

This is our second holiday season together! As usual the year went by too quickly. And what a year we’ve had! Our little magazine has grown exponentially, with thousands of readers every single month. Our gallery had a one-of-a-kind facelift and split into three, adding the FAIR Gallery and the Exploratorium of Art. We’ve featured amazing artists, thrown some memorable events, made many new friends, bought a few lunches for hundreds of needy kids in Africa, inspired and supported one another, and met our main goal to spread the ideals of positivity, inspiration and community. We’ve also had a few struggles in our group, but we remain a strong and positive support to one another by sharing our creative light.

This holiday issue is a celebration of the old and the new. Our membership feature, Dana Or, is one of our long-time Flickr Mods. She has supported our group tirelessly, and now we get to take some time to support her back! And we are thrilled to feature Lam Erin. He has long been an artistic inspiration, and now he’s our friend. Thank you all for a great year and cheers to an incredible 2020!

Happy Holidays!

Angela Thespian

MEMBERSHIP: Focus on Danaoriana Or

Our membership feature, Dana Or, is one of our long-time Flickr Mods. She has supported our group tirelessly, and now we get to take some time to support her back!

Angela: Thank you for joining me for this interview, Dana! First of all, you are one of the superstars in our group. You and Linda Hedda particularly have been moderating our “Too Sexy for this Group” Flickr page forever!
When members post a pic, I know many look forward to an award from you!

Okay, first question…

So if you had to choose to be an animal in SL, what animal would it be?

Dana: hmmm… a swan.

Angela: Wow that’s a good answer! Why swan?

Dana: It’s beautiful, it’s pink or white, it’s pure and elegant.

Angela: Perfect! You are a prolific photographer and blogger in SL. What inspired you to begin taking photos in SL and then to begin your beautiful blog?

Dana: Anything inspires me. But when I’m taking a photo, I want to tell a story. At least I try to! It doesn’t always work. I want to show more than the item that I’m blogging. I like to show many faces. And I care about the aesthetics and realism. I hope I’m explaining myself well.

Angela: Yes! Very well. How did you decide to become a blogger?

Dana: I didn’t plan it. I love to take photos. The owner of Entice saw my photos and asked if I would be their blogger. Back then I didn’t have a blog, only Flickr. They said “Okay, don’t open a blog. Be our flickr girl.” Then over time, I started a blog and more and more owners began to ask me to blog for them. Now I have Flickr, my blog and Instagram.

Angela: Wow, so you blog for a bunch of stores now?

Dana: Yes, and I have only one rule: only one post a day. No more then one. That’s why I won’t take more stores if it forces me to post more then one post a day.

Angela: Right! it would end up taking up all your time!

Dana: That is the reason. I don’t have time. One post is fine.

Angela: What other things do you like to do in SL?

Dana: I spend time with friends, and dance and such, but mainly I take photos. And go shopping. 🙂

Angela: Do you ever use models, or do you mostly model for yourself?

Dana: I model for myself. I’m not a pro photographer. I just love to take photos. I still have to learn.

Angela: Well, your photos are beautiful. And you are in Italy, right? Do you find the time difference makes it hard to spend time in SL?

Dana: I’m in Israel.

Angela: Oh! I remembered it was a country that started with an I, so I took a shot!

Dana: We have the same temper as an Italian. 🙂 But I want to tell you about my mentor. I have a mentor who guides me and helps me so much. Everything I know comes from him. Millionaire Reichmann is amazing and has taught me everything I know about photography. Do you know of him?

Angela: I do! How did you two meet?

Dana: By mistake. A long time ago, I posted a photo to one of his groups, and he removed it. So I asked him why. We start to talk, and we became friends. And then he became my mentor. He’s an amazing person and a very good friend. I owe him all my abilities.

Angela: How did you find out about SL in the first place?

Dana: Oh, that’s a story. It was my birthday and I was having a really bad day. I was sad and a friend told me to try SL. She said “come try it for fun,” so the next day I joined and since that day, I’ve been here.

Angela: I’m sorry you were sad but I’m glad you’re here! When you take pictures, do you have a favorite windlight, or a favorite sim to take photos?.

Dana: Yes, but I use the SL viewer, not Firestorm. I like pirate the most. And I do have favorite sims but I love to search for new sims.

Angela: Do you ever use music to inspire your photos?

Dana: I LOVE MUSIC! I am always listening to music!

Angela: What kinds of music?

Dana: Pop. Also Israeli music. Everything. I’m open-minded.

Angela: In Flickr, you are veryy well-known. You have nearly 5000 followers and you are a moderator for “Too Sexy for this Group.” Are there any other groups you moderate?

Dana: Yes. I have a group with Millionaire Reichmann. Our group is 200+ SL Favs.

Angela: Oh yes! I’m always excited when I reach 200 so I can post there.

Dana: Me too. LOL!

Angela: I know people in our group are THRILLED when they get an award from you. Many look forward to an award from you every time they post to Too Sexy for this Group! How do you do it?

Dana: I’m always giving awards. I love to accept and I love to give. When I award I am telling people “I’ve seen your work.” Comments with words are rare from me. In my land, I am a very good writer, and in RL, I’m known as a writer. If my English was better, I could writer for you! I wish I could but I know I can’t.

Angela: We can translate!

Dana: It’s not the same. 🙁

Angela: Well, photos are the same in any language.

Dana: Yes. 🙂

Angela: And so are awards! Thank you again so much for joining me today for this interview!

Dana will also be displaying her photography in the FAIR (FOCUS’ Artists in Residence) Gallery throughout the month of December. Please stop by and get to know Dana’s photography better, and if you appreciate her as much as I do, please feel free to
drop her a note!

Visit Dana’s Blog –