Kiosk Reviews

All reviews were taken from the “Art Galleries of Second Life” Kiosk

– Beautiful space. Photography is wonderfully displayed. Events are very fun and the group is very inviting. Excellent gallery and place for friends.

– Awesome! And FOCUS Magazine has some incredible writers, too.

– Wonderful sim, great artists and warm and friendly people.

– This place is amazing some of the most friendly people you can meet in all of SL Im happy to have visited this amazing place. NUMBER 1

– Focus Gallery is an amazing place run by amazing people. They include everyone and are so supportive it’s wonderful

– I love it! beautiful creative refined art 🙂

– Awesome place – great people

– This is a terrific photo gallery and I always love the people in the group and attending events. Thank you for all you do!

– Amazing SIM – the best Art Gallery in all of SL!! ♥

– Absolutely love it!!!! my favorite ♥

– Amazing place .. its a must be seen location .. Make sure u join the group .. I have met great people 🙂

– I enjoyed my visit, thank you for brightening my Second Life! Respectfully TheDove Rhode

– Nice place! Read Focus!

– This is one of the fun galleries in SL. 5 of 5