Music Venue Review – NAP Club

Focus on Music Venues - NAP
Photography by Umshlanga Barbosa

NAP Club is a peaceful, tropical “place to snuggle or nap” according to owner Rogue DeLaRue. Maybe it is – sometimes. Other times it’s a fantastic live music venue like Monday, when – back to back – Loreen Aldrin and Wolfie Starfire appeared in front of a happy crowd. NAP Club deserves a lot of credit for bringing in top SL talents! Other upcoming live music include Agatha Knowles, Jesie Janick, and Zoree Jupiter. Busy place!

By the way, if you want to rent a sailboat or just lie in a hammock, you can do that too. When I dropped in a few days ago, Jim Croce’s “I Got A Name” was playing on the stream, so I laid down and looked up at the palm trees. Since I didn’t get bonked on the head by a single virtual coconut, I’ll probably be writing another review soon – after I get back from a month backpacking in Colorado. (My dang RL alt drags me everywhere with him!)

– Doc Nolan