Art Gallery Review – Palazzo di Basilique

Focus on Art Galleries - Palazzo di Basilique, Second Life

It’s an absolute pleasure when I come across a gem in my wandering travels or suggested by anyone that knows how much I love getting lost in a place or time I’ve never seen. A reminder of what makes this world so very special. Giving access to culture, art, music, and many other things that we don’t always have the privilege to experience. So, when I see places like the breathtaking Basilique, I cannot help but want to support its owner Niccoli Sweetwater who is actively bringing another world to my fingertips.

The first thing I noticed was the grand church modeled after the San Pietro Martire which was built in 1348 in honor of St. John the Evangelist. A lovely place for an inworld wedding. Immaculately detailed all the way to down to the art on the chapel walls.

There is so much more to see and do like the Hot Springs where I see myself spending some time, a bathhouse for relaxing, and a cozy bar to enjoy with friends. Perfect for a quick getaway with hidden places for intimate play as well. I hope to see you there for a chat and glass of wine or a stroll through the art gallery. Salute!

– Kairi Cristole