FOCUS Magazine; Exhibitions Opening at Friday, June 5th

Photo by Cesar Lighthouse


FOCUS Magazine is happy to announce that on Friday, June 5th is the amazing Exhibitions Opening at Focus.


12pm ~ 2pm SLT

-ڿڰۣ-Avalon Boa -ڿڰۣ- (avalon.bouvier)

6pm ~ 7pm SLT

Icecremn Merlin

7pm ~ 8pm SLT

Female (female.winslet)



I like taking photos, most often inspired by a story, a song, my imagination, a fantasy, experience or maybe your story. I tend to be attracted to deep emotions, sadness and eroticism and sexuality in my photos. I’m not necessarily feeling that specific feeling I’m trying to display in a photo just at the moment I took it, but it’s all familiar feelings to me and part of who I am.

If you would like to something with me, feel free to talk to me about it – who knows, maybe we could create a cool picture together 🙂“.


Fun Facts about Tweeko

  1. I have two favourite animals – penguins and meerkats.
  2. I like lighthouses very much, I visit them, research them, take pictures of them.
  3. I love languages and understand/speak 6 languages that are English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, German and some Faroese.
  4. My favourite colours are green and deep red.
  5. I’m a book worm and read at least 3 books a month.
  6. A cute little odd fact. I don’t like roofs and walls in Second-Life at all. I need open spaces and lots of room to do my things. I go nuts if I see walls every time I turn lol
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Cullum Writer


кαтяιи нεαvεи (katrln0)


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Kendra Jane


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Milena Carbone (mylena1992)


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Special Thanks To Cesar Lighthouse, and кαтяιи нεαvεи (katrln0) for your help.

Music Venue Review – The Junkyard Blues

If you love blues and want to dance under the moon and stars, give Junkyard Blues a spin. This venue, launched in 2006 is Second Life’s oldest blues club and 3-time Avi Choice winner for “Favorite Blues Venue.” It’s also “a nonprofit labor of love” owned and run by Kiff Clutterbuck and Richardina Petty. Located on a gulf coast themed estate, their friendly crew of volunteers run things with energy, style, and enthusiasm.

If you want to simply go and dance, go for it. There are usually a few folks dancing most of the time. It is nice to drop in on a Tuesday afternoon (SLT) under blue skies – which is usually a slow time for clubs – and find a good crowd of folks dancing. And tune into Junkyard Blues Radio and stream it where ever you are. They have a nice mix of Chicago, Memphis, Delta, New Orleans, and country blues.

I highly recommend you drop in after a rough RL day, pour yourself a drink, sit in an Adirondack chair, and just listen. No better way to relax!

– Doc Nolan

Music Venue Review – Wonderful Dreams

Wonderful Dreams Live Music Venue

Wonderful Dreams: Ballroom, Venue & Live Music was created by Yenna Auster & Nighty Pera, a couple from the Netherlands, “with the love and passion we feel for each other.” They have been a couple since June 20, 2015.

Since mid-2015, Wonderful Dreams has had almost a quarter of a million visitors! No matter when you visit, you will find couples dancing. There is a casual dress code except on the ballroom dance floor where formal attire is required. This is a general sim and, obviously, appropriate dress and behavior need to follow from that. Don’t miss the gardens surrounding the ballroom. This is a very romantic place to just walk, talk, or take photos. The amount of time and effort spent creating this venue is noticeable. The love shown is profoundly moving.

Live singers every Saturday from noon to 5 p.m SLT.

– Doc Nolan

Music Venue Review – NAP Club

Focus on Music Venues - NAP
Photography by Umshlanga Barbosa

NAP Club is a peaceful, tropical “place to snuggle or nap” according to owner Rogue DeLaRue. Maybe it is – sometimes. Other times it’s a fantastic live music venue like Monday, when – back to back – Loreen Aldrin and Wolfie Starfire appeared in front of a happy crowd. NAP Club deserves a lot of credit for bringing in top SL talents! Other upcoming live music include Agatha Knowles, Jesie Janick, and Zoree Jupiter. Busy place!

By the way, if you want to rent a sailboat or just lie in a hammock, you can do that too. When I dropped in a few days ago, Jim Croce’s “I Got A Name” was playing on the stream, so I laid down and looked up at the palm trees. Since I didn’t get bonked on the head by a single virtual coconut, I’ll probably be writing another review soon – after I get back from a month backpacking in Colorado. (My dang RL alt drags me everywhere with him!)

– Doc Nolan

Live Musicians in SL: Lisa Brune

Our dear friend and FOCUS editor, Susan Aloix, caught up with the vibrant live singer (and our new friend), Lisa Brune, after listening to a set of hers at Isle of Miracles.

Susan: I have a confession. I heard you sing 1.5 songs and my jaw dropped. I thought it must have been the radio. Your voice is amazing. How would you describe your music?

Lisa: I started singing in Second Life in 2011. I found myself spending hours listening to artists here. When I started, I mostly sang material that was within my comfort zone. I found that I didn’t like my voice, but I needed to sing!

Susan: I’m so glad you kept going.

Lisa: I love the shivers and vibes that you feel when you sing. It’s cathartic. It allows a place to release frustrations from my RL job as social worker. But it also gives life to one’s sweet feelings.

Susan: That’s hard to hear. I adore your voice.

Lisa: When I listen to others sing, I notice I’m not necessarily attracted
to artists with performance skills — I find I hunger for the raw emotion in music. I’m clear about what I can do and what I can’t. But over time you start to challenge yourself and start to move out of the comfort zone.

Susan: When combining honesty with art, people are deeply touched.

Lisa: Singers can give something huge that’s not actually just about
their skill. The fake filter comes off and you’re no longer pretending.

Susan: What was it like working with FunkyFreddy Republic?

Lisa: I had the opportunity to fly to the USA for a weekend of concerts with Voodoo Shilton, Max Kleene, TwinGhost, and Funkyfreddy Republic. It was awesome to play all together. Freddy and TwinGhost do music in RL and they try to live from it. SL music is unique as you are not forced to open up your real life. You can choose to only share your music. My adorable “lulus” (Lisa’s fans), they know bits of my RL. We talk and share personal stuff sometimes, but that isn’t what links us.

Susan: They have become part of why you do it.

Lisa: I became also dependent on them.

Susan: Yes, interdependent.

Lisa: I’m not attached anymore to “making a perfect performance” or to be technically perfect. I just feel a responsibility towards my “lulus,” and sometimes I say “I hope you are feeling well, and if not, let’s just feel good for an hour” and yes, I’m speaking to myself when I say that too.

Susan: Yes, they look after you, you look after them.

Lisa: It’s as though we create a cloud so we’re always “together” and we just make it comfortable to give and receive. It’s funny as their requests can change my frame of mind. Sometimes I’m thinking, “Grrr, I’m so angry I WILL SING ROCK” and they ask soft songs. So I say “OK let’s do soft songs then.” And I alternate a bit, but it forces me to calm my own pace. It’s awesome, as the rage I was feeling seeps into another kind of emotion doing a sweet song.The most beautiful thing to hear them say is not actually “I love your voice,” but “when we come, it makes us feel better.”