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Virtual photography is fast becoming it’s own respected art form. In our lifetimes, it’s possible that we may see CGI images in museums nestled comfortably between famous masterpieces. I’m sure many find that a far-fetched idea but most novel art forms have been historically disparaged. Consider Realism, the dominant style of painting since the Renaissance. Realists cringed and scoffed at Impressionism. And the Painterly style – which placed paint into the amateur hands of the masses – with the metal paint tube. But art does not belong to the elite – or even the highly skilled. I subscribe to the ideal that art is an act of human expression and connection – for all.

I believe that photogs in SL and are taking part in the emergence of an art form that represents our modern curiosities. CGI makes the creation of art more accessible, and access is almost entirely unrelated to race, gender, location, education, and ability. This idea of equality, sharing and friendship are the core foundational values of FOCUS Gallery and Magazine. Our goal is to acknowledge each individual’s contribution, to share experience, and to encourage others to find their own voice in photography within a helpful and kind community. Lofty ideas, I know! But we make it happen every day we participate.

– Angela Thespian