Fotobomb with Greg, May 2019

Greg was off to Nashville in April, so Patrick stepped in to photobomb for the May issue! He bombed the poor, unsuspecting Cheyenne Sadee as she stood at her home, and then bombarded her with surprise questions! Okay, it may have played out a little differently than that. Enjoy! :p

Patrick: Where are your favorite spots to take photos?

Chey: Typically, I prefer to take my photos on an empty platform where I can create my own scene and bring something truly personal and unique to my images. I find most outside sims excessively laggy and the quality suffers for it. I’m not the type of person who uses PhotoShop much. I prefer keeping my images as natural and true as possible so combining my windlights with my own structured sets my images become natural one of a kind images.

Patrick: What inspires you most in SL?

Chey: I’d have to say my love for people and being a role model. My time here is spent modeling on a runway and teaching others how to model, I teach some photography so for me, coming online every day knowing that I can be a positive impact in someone’s life in so many different ways is what I enjoy most. I love to learn, and I love a challenge. Oh! And shopping! That is quite inspiring, or a problem, depending on how you look at it. LOL

Patrick: Tell us about your blog!

Chey: I started blogging about 2 years ago when I went into modeling. I am a bit of an over-achiever so I ended up with about 22 sponsors. I blog everything from fashion to home decor. My blog is quite different than most. My images are, as I said before, always natural. And I’m a descriptive blogger so I talk about what I’ve got going on. I’m interactive and I make sure my readers know what’s up with whatever I’m showing.

Patrick: And lastly, how has TSFTG benefited you?

Chey: Well, other than teaching me 5 letters can give me a headache trying to figure out what they mean… hahah! It is truly, such an amazing group of people. Everyone is so chilled and laid back. It’s a really comforting, non-judgmental group that is there for all of it’s members.I guess it’s mainly benefited me with an even wider social circle, new friends and great people to learn and grow with.