Feature Article: Who is Alaia Fashionable for Men?

Alaia Fashionable was born on Flickr as a group for bloggers, photography lovers and enthusiasts. Men’s Fashion was born out of necessity. Guys love to look good too. One’s physical appearance in Second Life is like a business card, just as it is in Real Life. The care you take in creating and dressing your avatar is another’s first glimpse of who you are on the inside. The problem is that men’s fashion tends to suffer as women’s fashion takes center stage in Second Life.

Cynthia Lenoir is a young woman who loves fashion so much she made it her work in Real Life as well as a make up artist. In SL, she studied successfully at the My Light Fashion Academy, and from that experience a beautiful and fruitful collaboration was born. Alaia has grown to include 15 Models, 2 Assistants, Managers and Administrators of all respects, 2 Machinima, 2 DJ’s, and 2 fantastic choreographers.

Cythnia is full of dreams about the future of Alaia, and she continues to dream happily, about combining Art and Fashion into perfect harmony. She couldn’t have enjoyed as much success without her talented family and associates.

Cynthia Lenoir
Cynthia Lenoir

Caesar Langer ƛƦƖƧƬƠƇƦƛƬ’s life in SL has been a quite long journey. He came to SL because people were speaking about the experimental character of virtual creations, like visual arts and architecture, allowing one to build and create simulating RL situations as well as fictional ones. When he first joined, he wasn’t sure what to expect but he knew he wanted to have some kind of relaxing occupation. He accidentally casted for a magazine and won a spot in the model crew. After that, he found himself more involved as a stylist and that is what he still does now. He’s trying develop skills in photography, and thanks to the fashion industry, met his husband.

Sαian ƛƦƖƧƬƠƇƦƛƬ Langer didn’t plan to be a model. Then one day he did a casting for the fun of it and was hired. Step by step, he met amazing people and grew as model. His husband, Caesar, was crowned Mr Virtual World 2015 and encouraged Saian to try a contest as well. He entered MR SL contest and was crowned MR SL 2016. Since then he has worked a lot shows and was very involved in the Miss SL organization. He has recently joined Alaia as a collaborator.

Kaid Hawker is a designer and founder of Hawker’s House stores. When he first began designing, he knew nothing of GIMP or Photoshop, or designing in Second Life. He just knew he had a love of fashion, color, and fabric, and designing seemed to be a passion. It gave his creative mind an outlet and a focus in SL. His goal with Hawker’s house was to make everyday clothing that was affordable for the majority of SL residents. He recently completed modeling classes to get a better idea of designing from a model’s perspective.

Joy$ Cuttita likes the idea of an agency aimed at the male audience. She feels that here in SL, fashion in general is aimed at women and she was struck by the idea of concentrating on men’s fashion.

John Noone is the Director of Museum Island, a museum of that began 10 years ago with an idea by Carlolello Zapatero who built a beautiful collection of some of the most awesome monuments of Mediterrean Area and Middle East. To keep the museum relevant, they host SL artists and special events. Last, but not least, they support 2lei which is dedicated to the great issue of violence against women. Their friendship with Alaia will create a connection between art and fashion, because fashion is culture and art, after all.

HaRLeY NooNe is an Administrator and Assistant to Alaia Fashionable for Men, and proudly says she is very busy but loves it as the Fashion Agency is still new. She is also CEO of Museum Island, sharing the goal that it be an inspiration for people, encouraging them to discover more either in second or real life, and a place to learn, to have fun, and to socialize.

Raquel Wild started with a market stall in Manchester, England and paid her own way through a Fashion and Design degree in London. She is a buyer and marketing
consultant. For her, SL is a fascinating world of fast fashion and exciting designers where she can relax, play and create. In RL, Cynthia came to see her finals show and they have worked together for some of their most creative projects. In SL, they love to work with each other and it is part of the creative spark that is Alaia.

Luka Benton is a professional model, stylist, blogger, and photographer in Second Life. He began his modeling career, after graduating from Furelle Academy. Since then, he’s appeared on the catwalk and taken photos for several agencies, organizations, and publications. He also takes part in theatrical productions, doing fashion theatre, musicals and rock shows as an avi look-alike.