Feature Article: Alaia Fashionable for Men

Beginning on November 2nd at 1:00 pm SLT, Alaia Fashionable for Men will be holding the first of three exciting contests featuring 4 male model finalists who will compete to win a educational course for models at the My Light Fashion Academy. The first event will formally present the challengers, and they will be choosing their own fashion for the runway. The first theme of the evening is “Represent yourself” and the second is “50’s Rockabillies.”

Lichi Moonwall, one of the best known DJ’s in SL, will be emceeing the event.

There are two more events for the competition on November 9th and 16th – both also beginning at 1:00 pm SLT. These events will be a spectacular – and incredibly rare – opportunity for men who are fashion conscious in SL to see what clothes and stores the professional male models choose from. There are so few stores for men, and even fewer male models. Any man who cares how about his avatar’s appearance will want to attend!

Lastly, on November 30th Alaia Fashionable for Men is holding a Fall/Winter fashion show. This event will feature Alaia’s seasoned models as well as feature the winner of the first three competitions of the month. Then event will also at at 1:00pm SLT, which is a bit early for Americans – as many of the models, coordinators and attendees are European. However, it will be held on Saturday so hopefully the event will have an international attendance.

If you’d like more information about the events or about Alaia Style and Men’s Fashion, the best Models and trends for the refined and elegant Avatars in Second Life, please contact Cynthia Lenoir, Owner of Alaia Fashionable Agency for Men and Co-Owner of MyLight Fashion Agency. See you there!