Exhibition Opening Was Yet Another Success!

The October Exhibition Opening was just amazing. Thank you ALL for supporting Focus! Alot of new faces and so many familiar faces! Happy faces all around! Great music and wonderful artists mixed with ALL OF YOU!

Thank you Recep Sparta for the video of the Exhibits in the Fair for October

Catherine Nikolaidis, Ellen Noir, мιgαη Ŧσгđєя and ℑค๔єץย!

and for the video of Nok Kirax, Focus Featured Artist of October at the Focus Gallery

And then of course we have our Rachel Magic that took great pictures at the Event! Thank you!

Can you believe it? its already October…where does time go? It is time for new artists to move in and

Focus says thank you and good bye to September’s Artists. Its been a pleasure to have you all here!

Warm welcome to October’s FANTASTIC ARTISTS!

Come and experience 5 very unique Artists in the Galleries AND listen to Kaleb Avedon sing (a special treat I promise) and then DJ MIA!! Can it get better then that? Well….YES IT CAN TIME FOR A FRESH NEW ISSUE OF FOCUS MAGAZINE

In the Focus Gallery

Nok Kirax

In the Fair Gallery

Catherine Nikolaidis

Ellen Noir

мιgαη Ŧσгđєя