The WORLD VIRTUAL PHOTOGRAPHY DAY is a global community sharing and appreciating virtual photography from around the world! WVPD  is the global celebration of all types of photography, but each year, we also have an optional theme to focus on. The 2023 theme is “UNDERSTANDING CLOUDS.” Along with any other photos you planned on sharing on World Virtual Photography … Continue reading WORLD VIRTUAL PHOTOGRAPHY DAY

FOCUS Magazine Photo Contest for August!

The theme for World Virtual Photography Day this year is “Understanding Clouds.” So I thought it might be nice for us to celebrate it with our monthly contest! So the theme is…. CLOUDS! And whatever that means to you creatively. It’s a tough one but you can do it! The clouds have to be genuine … Continue reading FOCUS Magazine Photo Contest for August!

The Focus “Happiness” Walk

Want to feel joy and happiness? Ofc you do and a great way to do that is to take the Happy Walk @ Focus. Angela Thespian-Ireland the owner of Focus does this every year around her Birthday 1st of September. Focus is all about Happiness and Friendship! Welcome! "A few years ago, I was asked … Continue reading The Focus “Happiness” Walk