October Issue of Focus Magazine is out!

October has always been a very important month for FOCUS. It’s not only Breast Cancer Awareness month, but an awareness month for many other issues that affect us. This year, I am more acutely aware of one issue in particular. That is Mental Health Awarness.

People who have made art a part of their lives are often compassionate, deeply emotional fellers. The have colorful imaginations and seem to magically conceive new possibilities of expression. For better or worse, these people also speak for the rest of us. Their poetry gives us words when we have none. Their music gives us peace when we can’t find it on our own. And their photography gives us images that allo wus to identify, to recognize emotion in others and feel the emotions with them. ART is the GREAT UNIFIER. But even though art gives us all – equally – this means of connection, sometimes we are simply unable to use it.

Our Featured Artist, Nok Kiraz, is the kind of artist I speak of who places his art in front of us and dares us to look into his mind’s eyes to see what he sees. His brilliant images are clear and powerful, and communicate loudly.

Our Membership Feature is Loegan Magic, who was a featured artist last year. But in this issue he is a writer and shares a bit of himself as well.

Please enjoy the issue. It is a very powerful one. And as always, please take care and remember that we are not alone.

You will always find a friend at Focus. Please reach out.