Valentine’s Night Concert: Focus Fair

Why not ask your ‘favorite person’ out to listen to live music and to dance? It never hurts when you want to prove you’re for real. At 6 pm SLT Krisie Snowdrop will take the stage at FOCUS Photo Fair, to be followed at 7 pm SLT by Grace Loudon!

Krisie Snowdrop

Krisie Snowdrop, one of our favorite Canadian musicians says: “I am no rock or country star, and I will never travel the real world or ride in a limo, but I am truly honored to have the opportunity to sing.” And does she ever! Yep, at Photo Fair! At 6 pm!

Grace Loudon

Grace Loudon, with 18 years in SL, has a long history as a musician, singer, and songwriter, both in RL and in SL. You can preview her on Sound Cloud, but why not just come by the FOCUS Photo Fair instead? 7 pm!