FMD Lounge’s Photo Contest is now open!

Visit the Photo Challenge area at one end of the FOCUS Photo Fair (yep, under the words “For the Love of Photography”) for full details. The first prize will be 1,000 lindens! Drop your full permissions entry photo in the mailbox and we’ll take it from there: including putting your entry up on an easel. It’s easy!

So what is FMD all about? “Feed your desires at FMD Lounge — an upscale, members-only club dedicated to intimacy and building lasting relationships.  If you want a peek, check out the complete FMD website at  Learning about FMD will only take a moment.  Who knows who you might meet there!”

After entering a photo in FMD Lounge’s contest, you might go by their booth (first floor at the opposite end of the hall from the Photo Challenge area) and look into the possibilities more deeply there!