Two live singers at Photo Fair? Yes. Today! Friday!

At 1 pm SLT, from Italy, Akilikos! This Italian singer is unique. You will understand when you hear him!

“Il segreto del canto risiede tra la vibrazione della voce di chi canta ed il battito del cuore di chi ascolta” (“The secret of singing lies between the vibration of the voice of the singer and the heartbeat of the listener”) — Akilikos

At 2 pm Agusto Napoli returns to again entertain and delight you. What a way to start a weekend!

Guitarist and songwriter, Agusto Napoli has spent 30 years playing music in RL in both small and large venues. This guitar marvel plays Southern rock, folk, bluegrass, and mainstream pop. His style derives from such great groups as The Grateful Dead, The Rolling Stones, Hank Williams, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, and Cash. Definitely, a guy to come to listen to.