Two first-rate female vocalists at FOCUS Photo Fair: Brenna and Grace Loudon!

Starting at 6 pm SLT today, Friday, February 18th, we have Brenna on stage at the FOCUS Photo Fair~!

Brenna will wow you with her vocal technique, the versatility of her style, and best of all, her golden sound. There is no singer on this grid like her; she is absolutely a must-see.

Brenna has been a paid stage performer since age seven and has a formal education in vocal performance. She delivers, every single time, providing you with an hour of palpable, non-stop entertainment. In the high art sphere, specializing in Bach and Mozart, Brenna is classified professionally as a lyric coloratura soprano. Brenna also teaches voice lessons and has given masterclasses in performance techniques.

* * * * * * * * * *

Next, at 7 pm, Grace Loudon returns to FOCUS Photo Fair. She’s a consummate professional which is why FOCUS music fans have asked that she return to delight us all again!

Grace Loudon, with 18 years in SL, has a long history as a musician, singer, and songwriter, both in RL and in SL. You can preview her on Sound Cloud, but why not just come by the FOCUS Photo Fair instead? 7 pm!