PHOTOGRAPHY: An Interview with Trisha Rose

“I know someday this adventure in SL will end for me. So when that day comes it will be really nice to have a way to look back and remember all the beautiful moments I had here and all the amazing people I have met and formed friendships with.” – Trisha Rose

Patrick: I’ve always enjoyed the joy you obviously have in Second Life photography, Trish! You seem to be connected to an inner spirit that transcends real life emotions to our digital world here, and so many that follow you enjoy your passions and love for life! I’d like to begin with an easy question so our FOCUS community can get to know the real you: As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up and why?

Trisha: This really takes me back to the past here. It was so many years ago now but I remember always wanting to fly – not a commercial airliner but fighter jets. I remember being about 7 or 8 and my mother taking me to air shows. The sound of them passing over and the maneuvers were just so breathtaking at that age. Then to top it off we had a rope swing out in the woods behind the house. A few friends and I would spend hours jumping from it into the creek. That 3 seconds of free-fall would feel like minutes of pure freedom. That dream of becoming a pilot lasted a few good years.

Patrick: What drew you to Second Life four plus years ago, and how has this digital world of ours brought you happiness in your real life?

Trisha: Such a good question. I was playing or exploring a world called Red Light Center for a few months. A few good friends from there told me about SL and how I should check it out. So I did, for two days. I couldn’t figure out how to add hair and became really frustrated. I was walking around bald for two full days watching a laser come out of my hands every time I pointed at something. I just hated SL so much at first. I still laugh thinking about how horrible I thought this was. Those same friends tried to help me but I couldn’t figure it all out. So I left, I went back to RLC for another month or two. Then they talked me into coming back to SL and really sitting down with it to explore. I’m really happy I did. SL has brought a lot of happiness into my RL on a daily basis. I have such a beautiful circle of friends here that I wouldn’t trade away for anything. The love and laughs we share is so special to me and I still wonder how I got so lucky to have crossed paths with them. I’m even friends with the ones who took me out of RLC. But I do question their friendship for putting me through the torture of walking around clueless for days!

Patrick: When taking a picture, what are motivations in creating your images? Do you find that RL experiences have influenced your work and design of your creations?

Trisha: My biggest motivator has to be emotions. Something emotional in my life will leave me searching for a way to express it, and even trying to work it out. Music also plays a large role. Some songs just randomly spark a memory or a image that I will try and capture. From there the wheels start turning. I will try and piece together a scene that can reflect on whats racing through my mind. Also the Flickr community is an amazing motivation. Everyday I open Flickr and I’m blown away by the imagination and beauty that is captured and shared there. The love and support they show to each other really helps to motivate everyone I believe.

Patrick: What does your work aim to say?

Trisha: Well, where to start with this one? I’m not sure. I really started taking pictures and still continue to take them for my own selfish desire to remember. To remember this adventure. I have watched so many people here in SL just poof and never come back. I’ve watched friendships that ended so sadly and suddenly. Also, on a positive side, so many good moments filled with love, laughs and friendships that blossomed. Those moments should never be forgotten. And with pictures, I can help keep them all tucked away. I know this adventure will end for me someday and when that day comes I will have a way to look back on all of this and feel all of those emotions once again. Kind of beautiful in a way and something I would like to hold onto. But will my pictures affect change in anyone other than myself? I would have to say most likely not. But if it does I hope it’s only for something positive.

Patrick: What are some of your favorite SIMs to take pictures and what are a few windlights you love the most?

Trisha: There might not be enough room to list all of them. There have been so many beautiful ones that are no longer around but for a short list I would have to say Elysion, Mother road, Mystical Fae Forest, and SSOC – Tokyo windhill City. So many to list here. I do find myself going to the destination guide often and searching for places there in the photogenic spots section. Windlights are my absolute favorite part of taking pictures. I could spend hours playing with them. A good starting point for me is [NB]-MistyDay-4pm. Then I can open the New Sky Preset and start to change colors and start moving slider bars. I seem to make the windlight for every picture, they’re all in the moment and different every time.

Patrick: And lastly, how has TSFTG influenced you?

Trisha: The group has been so wonderful to be a part of. Such a variety of artists who have always been so friendly and helpful. I love looking through the group on Flickr and seeing the pictures that are constantly being uploaded. Then you also have the events in world the group holds. Always so enjoyable as well. Giving everyone a chance to meet. The group has had a very significant influence, Not just on myself but I think everyone that has been involved over the time. Giving everyone a chance to share knowledge and ideas. I have had a chance to meet some amazing people through the group and would love to work with so many. It’s always such an honor for me to see them work their magic first hand.