MEMBERSHIP: Focus on Jos Loll

A Dutch charmer, a talented photographer and a TSFTG group member, Rachel Magic (Larisalyn) sat down with her long time friend, Jos Loll, and asked him a few fun questions to help FOCUS readers get to know him a bit better.

Rachel: We usually start interviews with an icebreaker question so here it goes: If you could be a famous singer in a band which band would it be and why?

Jos: I would like to be Max Verstappen the Dutch formula one driver because he shook up formula one driving and takes risks. And when he sees a gap. he jumps right in, much like my myself.

Rachel: How long have you been taking Flicker pics and what inspired you to start?

Jos: I started in 2015. My friend, Iris Okiddo, kept saying I should start photography and I always refused. Then I decided to just start and I liked it, so I kept doing it.

Rachel: Can you tell us the process and ideas you have to taking your pictures?

Jos: When I started, my photos were not planned. When I saw something I liked, I took a picture and it was just a standard upload to flicker. But then, I started to replicate pictures from sites like Tumblr and Pinterest. Due to the fact that my current computer cannot handle laggy sims and high graphics, my focus is more on human forms. Of course, it is much more interesting to have interaction with people than with static landscapes anyway. What I always try to do is raise the eyebrow and, when people scroll through their Flicker, make them stop for a moment to figure out what they are seeing. For instance, images like the close-up of the kiss on the forehead I did with you can express more than a photo of the whole body.

Rachel: My next question is a bit cheeky but as we have known each other a few years, I feel I can go there. Do you find it hard to find clothing to wear in your pictures? Is that why the majority of them are naked or is it more about expression of the human form?

Jos: Actually, my most faved pictures I have are when I am wearing suits, but I do like variety.

The images that inspire me from Tumblr, and couples pictures are generally naked and erotic. Plus, I am a dirty bastard.

Rachel: I know you have assisted and worked collaboratively with myself and other photographers with using the anypose posing system. What are your top three tricks in SL photography?

Jos: First, I would say try, try, try and don’t give up. You will face difficulties but that will help you learn for the next time. Also, when I create a pose, I sometimes stand in front of the mirror and look at my RL body to test the pose and see if it feels natural. Sometimes it is necessary to adjust your avatar’s shape and appearance to make a pose work. Make sure to keep a copy of your original shape though!

Rachel: Great tips, Jos. Lastly, what does TSFTG mean to you?

Jos: I use the group mostly as an excuse to meet women! But also I like to be a member of this group with good photographers and I’m proud to be in this group.

Rachel: Thank you so much for this interview, Jos! Jos’ photography can also be seen in the FAIR gallery this month. Please stop by!