Kitten’s Korner – May 2019

Kitten's Korner with Kitten SInclair

Something I like to do, from time to time, is go to one of my favorite artist’s page on Flickr and look at the very 1st picture they posted. It’s fun to go through their photo-stream and see how far they’ve come. I’ve asked Ornella Batriani to be our re-creation focus for this issue.

Kitten: Thank you so much, Ornella, for agreeing to be the 1st to do this project with me. I just have a few questions for you. You posted your 1st pic on Flickr in November 2011. How did you get started with SL photography?

Ornella: I have always loved photography so since my arrival on SL I always had this desire to make photos but I lacked a lot of technique

Kitten: Did you have any mentors? Did you teach yourself to take pics?

Ornella: I never had a mentor, but it was when I discovered the photos that Bruno Kessel made that I wanted to do the same. Then I discovered Flickr and I wanted to make more elaborate photos too

Kitten: What tools do you use while taking your shots? (LumiPro, Anypose, etc)

Ornella: I work mainly with Lumipro, Anypose and sometimes Animare. For the viewers I use Firestorm or Black Dragon.

Kitten: What are some of your favorite windlights?

Ornella: I use the windlights of Firestorm a lot and I also downloaded some. My current preferences are Anan Adored Dusty, Firestorm phototools and some others but the list is long.

Kitten: Explain your post pic editing. What types of programs do you use? Any favorite filters?

Ornella: I work on my photos with Photoshop or Polarr editor. I adjust my lights and remove the defects with photoshop and for the filters I use those of Polarr editor which are quite well done.

Kitten: What advice would you give to someone who wanted to get started in SL photography or for those who want to progress with their current skills?

Ornella: If I had any advice to give it would be: have fun, take pleasure in doing what you do; the main thing is not to please others but to love your own work.