“Just Ask Mahogany,” April 2019

FOCUS Magazine - Just Ask Mahogany

Dear Mahogany,
I met the love of my life in SL many years ago. We were friends for a year, then partnered for another year before becoming a RL couple. Three years into it, I found out that he was having an affair in SL. He eventually partnered this woman against my wishes, then left me for her. I guess the grass wasn’t greener, because after almost a year with her, he showed up on my doorstep saying he had made a huge mistake.

I took him back, because I am still in love with him, and I miss having him in my life. Things seemed to be going really well, until I found out that he is still financing this woman in SL. He is spending a lot of money in world to keep her SL business going, and to make sure she has everything she needs. He justifies it by saying if he helps her in SL, she won’t ask him for money IRL and he won’t have to have any contact with her. I am okay with that. I don’t depend on him for money, so as long as he pays his bills, I don’t care. But, I’m afraid that this continued contact will cause him to leave again.

I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to appear too needy, but I don’t want to be alone either.

Don’t Want to be Lonely

Here is what you need to do: get some self respect!

I don’t know what kind of game this man is playing with your life, but this is not something you want hanging over your head or your heart.

I can understand being in love, and not wanting to be alone, but is it really worth your peace of mind to constantly worry about whether or not this guy is going to dip out on you again?

Ask yourself what’s more important, being with someone who clearly wants to be with someone else, or being able to love the person you face in the mirror each morning?

Whatever you decide to do, you have to live with it. Just don’t get mad when the people close to you start to look at you funny for staying with him.

I’m just saying… I’m already judging you.