It’s not complicated!

You can get a copy of the current April 2022 issue of FOCUS Magazine inworld direct, subscription, at a kiosk, or from an officer. Oh, and you can bug a friend too, of course.

But did you know that you can share FOCUS Magazine with people outside of our virtual world, too? And did you know you can share back issues too? (If you didn’t know you could do that, now you know!)

Just visit and there they are! Current and back issues. Do you want RL friends to read a magazine? Just send them a link. Easy peasy!

If you didn’t realize you could access every issue of FOCUS Magazine online without logging in, don’t let it bother you. It’s a secret! Only you and me and a few people know it. Shhhhhhh.

P.S. Have you ever thought of sharing a link on your social medium of choice? Yep. I know you did. Heh, heh, heh.