A massive and stunning art show!

Focus is now hosting the April round of the Unity Art Project, founded by Viktor Saviour. It’s well worth your visit! The exhibition area stands beside the new ‘A Thousand Words‘ Cafe. The April theme for the Unity Art Project is ‘Open the Borders’

This traveling expedition of 29 artists promotes Art in Second Life and moves from gallery to gallery and from sim to sim each month. Each artist displays two pictures, both real-world art and digital pictures taken in Second Life. Artists include Bamboo Barnes. Viktor Saviour, AmandaT Tamatzu, Sisi Biedermann, Mareea Farrasco and Michiel Bechir, just to mention a few. In addition, the project showcases special items from Viktor Saviour, Orpheus Paxlapis, Fantasy Illumination, and Искорка Счастья.

Plan on spending some time seeing this! It is big!