Fotobomb with Greg, April 2019

Fotobomb "Victim": Metukah Lenroy
Where: Sunbathing in Agrabah

This month’s Fotobomb features one of our newest members, Metukah Lenroy, creator and owner of Foreverland, a Disney tribute park and fantasy land that spans over half a sim. Full disclosure: she’s also my sweetheart! Nevertheless, I was up to my stealth fotobombing ways when I happened upon her sunbathing in Agrabah! Here’s what Metukah had to say about her experiences in Second Life.

Fotobomb "Victim": Metukah Lenroy
Where: Sunbathing in Agrabah

Greg: Where are your favorite spots to take photos?

Metukah: My favorite spots are actually right here at Foreverland like Aladdin’s palace, Snow White and the 7 dorks — oops, sorry! I mean dwarfs! And, nearby, the Disney Castle.

Greg: What are your favorite places to shop?

Metukah: COZI store for my house and land, and I love getting gacha items too. For clothes I love Scandalize, Blueberry, and Addams.

Greg: I’ll let readers know I did NOT pay you to say COZI. HA! Moving on… When you have free time, what things do you like doing most?

Metukah: There are two things I enjoy the most. The first is hanging out with my remarkable man. The second is to design and update my Disney park. I keep adding new scenes and making sure I keep it the happiest place on the Grid! I also make personalized tiles for park guests who order them. They are placed on the park’s floor. People can revisit them whenever they want. It is the best memorabilia ever! They not only get to commemorate their names (or their loved ones or pets), they also get a copy of the tile and can put it in their homes. It’s a lovely gift.

Greg: That does sound like a ton of fun! What inspires you most in SL?

Metukah: The creativity of people, and their ability to create so many different things that help make this world feel like a second life indeed. I’m also inspired by the goodness in people and would love to see more.

Greg: Last question…How has TSFTG benefited your SL?

Metukah: Well, it introduced me to the best man I have ever met on SL — MY man! I do enjoy the art forms on SL and hope to participate in the next photo contest with my sweetheart! (She means Greg :P)