FOCUS Magazine Photo Contest for August!

FOCUS Magazine Photo Contest for August, 2023

The theme for World Virtual Photography Day this year is “Understanding Clouds.” So I thought it might be nice for us to celebrate it with our monthly contest! So the theme is…. CLOUDS! And whatever that means to you creatively. It’s a tough one but you can do it! The clouds have to be genuine in-game clouds but can be touched up in PS or whatever.

Photos are due August 23rd and the Voting Event will take place on August 25th at 6pm. Photos must be moderate. One entry per person. Please drop your photos off in the MAILBOX in front of the FOCUS building. Click here for a landmark.
Prizes for the judges’ winners are 1st Place 1000L, 2nd Place 750L, and 3rd Place 500L.
If you have any questions, contact Angela or ask the group chat!