FOCUS Magazine Photo Contest – DUE DATE July 22, 2021

Hi Everyone,

This month’s FOCUS Photo Contest theme is windmills. They can be beautiful, ominous, desolate, or a beacon of love. Black and white, color, monochrome —your creativity is free to show us how your mind’s eye sees a windmill and what it means to you. Remember photos are moderate, artistic, and the photo must center around the windmill. If you have any questions, please direct them to the group or Angelathespian. Photos are judged by 4 random group members. There is also a popular vote, but the judges’ vote wins. Deadline is July 22. Please use the drop-off mailbox.

1st place wins 1000L, 2nd place wins 750L and 3rd place wins 500L. Have fun!

Angela Thespian ♥