FOCUS Magazine – From the Editor, January 2020 Issue

Editor's Note by Angela Thespian, April 2019 Issue

Letter from the Editor

Happy New Year! I’m so happy to present you all with the first issue of the new year!

I was chatting with Patrick about New Year’s resolutions. He said he doesn’t believe in them because, most of the time, we don’t stick to them and if we really want something – why not just do it now? But I really like making new year’s resolutions. It’s like an adult Christmas list of all the things I want to do and succeed with. My resolutions usually have to do with health and money. Sometimes promising myself that this will be the year I go on that cruise through the Mediterranean or get out of debt. But the resolutions – to me – are less important than the feeling I have when making them. I feel a sense of freedom in possibilities. Holding onto hope and dreaming dreams are what make life happier for me, especially as I get older and there are less possibilities. For instance, I will never be a 22-year-old billionaire. That opportunity has passed me by.

But I can still have hope for being a 29-year-old billionaire! But for now, the universe has put FOCUS Magazine in my path and each issue is a new possibility.

This month, we are featuring Etamae Goldsmith. She is most definitely a multifaceted gem! She is a silly and funny, but then she is intelligent and socially concerned, then she takes bold photos with extreme images and colors, and then she grins about her kink like a naughty schoolgirl who avoided getting caught. Most of us in the SL art community know her (or at least know of her) and she adds her unique light to many lives.

Then we have an interview with Jaz (jessamine2108), another friend from our SL art community, born in India. Etamae interviewed her and encouraged her to express her social concerns about the treatment of women in her country through her creative expression in photo art. Her photos are on display now, and she will have a gallery opening later in the month. Her message and personal knowledge about the unfair and often brutal treatment of women is important for everyone to hear.

Then we have an interview by the ever-quirky Matt Thomson with his dear friend, Eva Burroughs. Eva explains a bit about how she ended up here in SL, taking photos, and living her SL dream with her partner, Mynx.

As usual, this magazine is packed with even more treasures. We have art, friends, shopping, thought-provoking topics, comedy and – most of all – I hope you find inspiration as we begin a new year in our journey together! Until next month, my friends!

Angela Thespian