Burlesque with Hedy Patrucci at Lyrics Entertainment June 13, 1am and 1pm

When I envision a Burlesque show, a grand theater comes to mind in glamourous gold and flirty red, bright with spotlights — but not without a few shadowed corners where the walls whisper and trysts are schemed. The place is filled with beautiful people, some brightly adorned with colorful ostrich feathers, dressed with the intent to entertain and seduce. And last but not least is the talented host on stage, eager to make us laugh, maybe even cry a bit, but definitely to raise the temperature.

In a word, Burlesque is provocative. And no one does it better than Hedy Patrucci.

If you follow live music in Second Life, you’re probably familiar with the name Hedy Patrucci. She is a talented singer in SL who regularly spoils us with her unique voice. Every year, Chant Lyric of Lyric’s Entertainment hosts a Grand Burlesque show that features Hedy Petrucci, her best friend, singing live from The Netherlands. This year, the show date is fast approaching on Sunday, June13th.

These two lovely ladies combine their skills to produce a show unlike any other in Second Life. Hedy, no doubt dressed to impress, will have a few new songs this year, but we can also look forward to her staple Burlesque repertoire like “Welcome to Burlesque” originally sung by Cher. I’ve also heard on good authority that Dr. Long John will be making an appearance!

The show will take place on Sunday, June 13th at 1am and 1pm to accommodate most timezones. And after the show, curious lovers of art should stick around and explore what’s happening at Lyrics. For photogs looking for a fun photo sim, animations abound. Also, there’s a quirky café with a few surprise animations should you be the brave sort, unafraid to click and see! Then there is the Marakin Resort, complete with lobby, bar and chefs hard at work in the kitchen.

There are other music venues on the sim as well, including an intimate blues club where Chant will be hosting the incredible blues singer, JimmyT Dukes this summer. Side note: If you have never heard JimmyT sing, google him and you will be amazed that his kind of talent and warm, fun personality is just an IM away in SL!

So, save the date: Sunday, June 13th.
And just like the Perseids, if you miss it this year, you will have to wait an entire year for your next chance.
See you there!