(Taken from an article in August 2023 issue of FOCUS Magazine

Art Steps

I came across a handy website that I think people will really enjoy knowing about. And it’s free! There is a paid version too with a few extra perks, but from what I can tell they aren’t necessary to create a basic gallery.

It’s called ArtSteps, and the reason I came across this site is because I have an SL friend who is also an artist in RL. She wanted to show her SL photography, as well as her RL photography, to people outside SL, but didn’t want to just pass along her Flickr address. She wanted to show just a few specific photos. She wanted it to look professional, like a gallery in SL, but easily accessed by anyone with internet access.

I came across and it did the job perfectly. You can choose between a few free gallery options, upload your pics to your private account, and voila! You have a virtual gallery!

ArtSteps - from an article in August 2023 issue of FOCUS Magazine on Virtual Galleries

Using it was a little confusing at first. You “walk” along the gallery by clicking a footsteps icon on the floor. Click ahead of where you want to go, and your viewer takes you there. I also used my arrow keys, which is easier for me on a laptop, after clicking the floor the first time. Also, to place photos on the walls, click one of your pics and it attaches to a canvas on your pointer. Once you place it on any wall or surface other than a window. Also, there are a few 3D objects you can used to decorate the space.

Angela set up a virtual gallery with a few of the photos from our featured artist, Sorcha Tyles, so you can see how easy it is. What a great way to share a few chosen photos with those who don’t have an SL account without having to share your entire Flickr account. And “walking” through the gallery is very similar to walking with mouselook in SL. To view the virtual gallery, you can visit it here.

If you have some time to wander, there are other’s exhibits from ALL around the world. There are several schools and universities, cultural centres, and personal and political exhibits too. It’s fun to share our own art, but it’s also fun to explore others if only to remind ourselves of the diversity and magnitude of humanity and the human experience of life.