Art on Tour – August 2023

Catherine Nikolaidis at Kondor Art Centre

FOCUS Magazine, Catherine Nikolaidis at Kondor Art Centre
Catherine Nikolaidis at Kondor Art Centre

August Noir by Catherine Nikolaidis
Perfect for the month of August (in the northern hemisphere) is Catherine Nikolaidis’ exhibit at Kondor Art Gallery entitled, “August Noir.” Walking into the classic gallery room, it feels almost like there are 12 windows that display beach scenes in black and white. Most of the photos are of Catherine, which is her usual style, but her photos are far from “selfies.”

Each photo seems like a fragment in time, or a fleeting, hidden —almost voyeuristic or paparazzi-like — glimpse into a woman’s quiet day at an empty beach. In all but one shot, her face is obscured as she goes about walking, sunbathing and swimming. However, in Catherine’s unique way, she brings sensuality to those actions. The way she crafts her infamous black and white photography brings a sense of realism — a talent that is so often sought by others and so rarely as expertly accomplished.

The opening party for this exhibit was held on July 23rd, but I’m expecting the exhibit will last through the month of August. There’s always so much happening at Kondor Art Center these days. If you haven’t been, you are truly missing out!

– Angela Thespian