An invitation for a solo exhibition at DAG.

✪ First place winner:
10000 L

Runner up:
1500 L
Future invitation for a site specific exhibition.

The top ten to five entries will be chosen by myself and the DA Gallery Staff. The final five to three will then be presented to three to four independent candidates for the first place and the runner up positions.

✪ We are happy to welcome our first timers and welcome back the ones who have participated before.

This is an open event that will be held at DA Gallery from August 3rd through October 1st (11:59pm slt).

There are a few requirements for your photograph to be considered for first place or runner up.

  1. The photograph must be taken at Clandestine . Feel free to capture your work at the galleries above and on the ground below.
  2. All photograph submissions must be delivered to the DA Gallery mail box outside of the gallery entrance on the Clandestine sim.

A. Create a new note card and open it.
B. Drag the texture or photograph into a notecard (with copy, modify and transfer permissions).
C. Save the Note card.
D. Submit the notecard with the image attached by dragging it to the DA Gallery Mailbox.


  1. All photograph submissions can be used by DA Gallery at free will, in the future. We will attempt to contact the photographer with information on the use of the photograph.
  2. All submissions must be in the DA Gallery mailbox by October 1st @ 11:59 pm SLT (we will use the time stamp for verification)
  3. For this contest photographers will need to contact . Art C (ar10a2.crescendo)
  4. Have fun and use your imagination!

✪ Helpful hints:
Artistic expression is appreciated!
Attention to details and creativity are highly recommended.
Multiple entries will be accepted but the first place and the runner up will be separate residents.

✪ More to see:




Hope to see you around!

Art C:
DA Gallery Curator