A Whimsy Evening at the Galleria di Basilique

What a night! thank you all that came and partied with us at Basilique! An evening with whimsies and Umbrellas from Jaz, sucha wonderful Gallery! And with great mucis of Tony Slade and Keeba Tammas! The inspiration was streamed together with the tunes in this lovely building!

It was so much fun to see everyone having a good time! Thank you Cesar, Angela and Patrick for making this possible! Check out the photos from the evening and if you have photos you like to share please send them to me, Heather Falls (inworld: HeatherFalls Resident) See you all soon!

Photo: Wiskey Apple

Dont miss out on this opportunity to experience an exceptional talented artist, Jaz! Then Tony Slade is going to preform with his songs, unfortunately Fly had to cancel but instead we will listen to Keeba Tammas!