A night to remember!

Thank you all for joining the B&W Event. We had over 70 people at the sim just amazing support! Without you Focus wouldnt be Focus. Thank you for the wonderful performance Keeba Tammaz & the Tiny Maniacs! And to DJ Female Whislet for you great tunes and for staying over time!

And then all the gorgeous pictures!! Over 60 pictures entered the B&W contest..overwhelming! So much creativity! Please click on the images to see them full size and there is also links to all the winners FLICKR.


Winners of the Popular Vote:

1st is a tie between Charly and Heather

2nd Cesar Lighthouse

3rd Tie between Silivren and Metukah

Honorable mentions are Wade and Liz

Winners of the contest by our judges:

1st place is Thomaz!

2nd place is Doc Nolan

3rd place Pink Clarity

Honorable mentions are Patterson Core and Adrien

Congrats to all the Winners and thank you all Participants!

Photo: Recep Sparta & Rachel Magic

I am happy to announce that we have over 60 Black & White contributions for the Photo Contest today!!! I am also happy to say that I dont need to be a judge. I wish the judges good luck but also you all need to get down and vote as soon as the voting system is out. The party starts at 6 PM SLT its going to be packed and soooo much fun! Welcome!

Limo is right outside your door!

Book you calenders! Friday, August 21 st, yes thats right this Friday. What you have something else there…well erase that and enter following “Focus Event starts at 6PM SLT…great people, super DJs & winners of the B&W photo competition are revealed“. If you still havn’t submited your contribution start working ASP! LAST ENTERY IS THURSDAY! WELCOME!