Virtual Photography + AI

Did you know that you can upload your virtual photos to Midjourney? Usually stable diffusion AI can make the photos you’ve taken in a virtual world/game a bit more realistic. Midjourney has an enormous and ever growing data bank of images that it pulls from, so it can take any photo and “imaginize”it. I just made up that word! For those who don’t yet know, when using Midjourney you get a prompt to describe what kind of art you’d like to make by typing “/imagine.” So that’s why people may respond to AI images by saying “Nice imagines!” Midjourney creators probably chose the word “imagine” because, firstly, you are creating an image with your words, and secondly it’s an image that has no other input from you than your thoughts and how you communicate that image in words. I will be writing a lot more about Midjourney – which is my favorite platform for stable diffusion. There is a lot of controversy about Midjourney, which I will discuss too. But for now, take a look at these two photos that I’ve uploaded into Midjourney and what it gave back! The photos I took were quick, simple ones from Second Life with no special photo tools used and no post-editing. And with that photo, I show what Midjourney decided to turn my original photo into. Despite the heated controversy, Midjourney is fun to tinker with. I’m not terribly pleased with the outcome of these photos, but they are so drastically different from the original that I thought it was worth sharing. Again, no post-editing has been done to either. Enjoy! And let’s talk about it! How do you feel about AI art? Or even AI assisted art?

Photo taken in Second Life and uploaded into Midjourney to be altered.