Two vendor demonstrations at Photo Fair!

At noon SLT Freja (freeflying) at Unbound Spirit will be explaining the capabilities of her products. (The Unbound Spirit location is on the first floor just to the left of that enormous “100000L” sign way up on the end wall.)

Eye pose HUD, face pose HUD, and head and neck pose HUDs (to be seen in the Unbound Spirit’s booth) are just the summit of the mountain. ¬†They offer several animations — and artwork, too.¬† And yes, the photo booth at their Photo Fair location has all kinds of fun poses for you to play with also!


At 1 pm SLT, the owner of SLDomina (ISIdj) will demonstrate the capabilities of Photo Studio Professional V7. If you face the Photo Fair stage and look to your left you can’t miss it!

If you want a choice of small photo studio “boxes” able to provide versatile wrap-around backdrops for selfies or portraits, you might like to look at SLDomina’s Photo Studio line. They offer a lot of wallpapers, colors — and a variety of poses. Put someone ‘in the box,’ and the photo studios provide the rest. Step into SLDomina’s demo box at their booth and play with it if you want to try out the product. They also have a variety of frames useful for your selfies too!