Tripleheader at FOCUS Photo Fair!

Today is especially dedicated to folks in Europe who don’t stay up to 3 am on Fridays!

Joao Frazao starts off at 1 pm SLT. Streaming live from Portugal! Joao Frazao will be celebrating the FOCUS Photography Fair with us! Joao Frazao has over 25 years of experience playing, recording, and promoting music. He’s not only a talented musician who plays drums, bass, acoustic guitar, piano, uke, and electric ukulele in RL. He’s also a composer. Expect to hear some of his works as well as jazz and some Brazilian music. He’s an amazing guy! And since you’ve wondered, what is this guy in RL, here’s a candid, lifted from a secret place called “the internet”!

Yes, he’s real! Joao Frazao

♫♫ Next up at 2 pm is Jewell, who will give you some of the best from Motown. Not a bad way to go on this Valentine’s Day weekend, is it? Oh, and bring a friend to listen, too! Yes, there’s plenty of room on the dance floor!

♫♫ And rounding out our triple-header: DJ Matrix will be spinning both originals and covers like you’ve never heard them before, from the iconic legends of yesteryear to the hottest hits of today. If you are nice DJM will even play requests!

P. S. Don’t forget to tip these folks. They deserve every linden you can spare!