“The Pleasure of Seeing” Class at Photo Fair

Hermes Kondor will speak on “The Pleasures of Seeing” at 10 am SLT Tuesday, February 22, in Classroom #4 at FOCUS Photo Fair. (This is Part 2, and continues from a previous talk).

Hermes in RL is not only a professional photographer, photojournalist, photo editor, photography teacher, and digital artist, but in SL he has established and runs Kondor Art Center.

Hermes, who lives in Portugal, speaks four languages but his best ‘language’ is that of the image. In the words of Inara Pey, in a 2020 blog post of hers: “His images … are truly remarkable in their content and depth. Beautifully composited and framed, these are images that are entirely captivating in their use of colour and light to create a rich sensation of living creatures of the imagination.”