WHAT A WEEKEND! I don’t think I will recover for another week lol. The Opening of November FAIR Gallery was OUTSTANDING! The NEW FOCUS SIM really had to show that it will be able to handle the following Parties & the Wonderful Stage stood solid!
So many friends gathered to celebrate the new artists in the Gallery it was like none of the Parties ever wanted to end. The live Performers was outstanding and the DJ’s played song after song and stayed over time to make this a Fantastic Opening!

Check out the video the talanted Recep Sparta made for FOCUS that shows some of the Art from the FAIR!

Then make sure you take a look at the pictures that Rachel Magic, Whiskey Apple and John Muir took during the Events. Maybe you will find yourself in them…

Thank You All for making this Weekend So Memorable…and remember it is ALL Of US THAT MAKES FOCUS TO WHAT IT IS.

Thank you Recep Sparta form making this video for FOCUS ! IT IS WONDERFUL!