Sunday Shopping Suggestion: Photo Fair!

The Artemis Corner kiosk is a bit like Superman, “disguised as a mild-mannered reporter.”  After seeing this deceptively simple booth, you must visit the main store to marvel at hundreds of unique sculptures in a stunning setting.  Links to this firm’s main store and MP can be found in the corner, along with pathways to ACS’s Facebook and Flickr sites.  Don’t underestimate these folks.  Their work is more powerful than a speeding locomotive!

A Shopping Suggestion: Think of Photo Fair as your hub or home for shopping. Come in, look, browse, listen to music, and then — afterward — zip off to vendors’ stores. But let these merchants know that “I found you at Photo Fair!” It only takes a second to send an IM to the owner of a store — and it helps that man or woman in knowing how to best reach you: the shopper. Thank you!