Photo Faire opens this Friday!

Yes, it’s that time of year — and this year over 50 vendors will have booths at the ever-growing event. (Yes, there will be an LM posted soon!) Perhaps, though we won’t have a Stairway to Heaven, we will have a Magic Teleporter to wisk you from the FOCUS campus off to the faire. Those who love to create images should find a lot of opportunities to spend their lindens on really cool stuff, by the way.

Oh, if you know folks from Flickr who aren’t part of out Secret Society (shhhhh) this might be a nice opportunity to show then what FOCUS is all about. I don’t know about anyone else, but a few of us also pop stuff about events like this on our Facebook pages. (You know FB: that place that cratered a few days ago? Yep, there!) If folks aren’t interested, hey, no problem. Throw out an invite, and if they swim the other way, just say, ‘See you later!’

As for each of you, we expect to see you at the Faire. You’ll find some incredible people there, for sure. Folks have met in stranger places!