Photo Fair Preview: Salmagundi!

Also at FOCUS Photo Fair starting on February 11th. And yes, you have seen these guys before. Advice: Don’t be seen having long, serious conversations with mannequins; friends tend to find that upsetting.

If you’ve ever talked to a mannequin so real you mistook him or her for a real avatar, you may well have been speaking to one of Salmagundi’s hyper-realistic ‘people’ (or animals!)  Don’t worry, lots of folks talk to animals!  Since a picture is worth a thousand words and since you can walk around inside Salmagundi’s booth amid these people, here’s some advice: ‘Don’t stand there too long, or someone might try to purchase you!’ (Oh, btw, don’t miss the mummies or the mutant hunter!) These 3D mannequins are perfect when you want some people in your photographs, and your friends keep coming up with excuses.