Our website is now online!

FOCUS is a photo gallery on the virtual reality platform called Second Life. Pretty cool, huh? Of course, if you are reading this then you are likely already an SL resident.

FOCUS is also an in-world monthly magazine that highlights the photography of SL artists. The magazine features information for SL residents such as store reviews and music venue reviews, and interviews with one featured photographer and one featured group member in every issue.

If you’d like to see our magazine, please stop by the FOCUS gallery or visit a kiosk at various venues including After Dark at Idle Rouge live music venue, Madd Modelz and the Palazzo di Basilique estate.

The mission of this group, gallery and magazine is to bring people together and present opportunities for friendship and collaboration among artists in Second Life. CGI (computer-generated imagery) has long been becoming a respected and valued art medium. We are pioneers in the possibility of CGI photography in SL. And now we are online with this beautiful website. Please take a look at our photo feed to see what amazing photography is possible!

Thank you for visiting!
Angela Thespian, Founder