Our Museum of Art and Images: The Exploratorium of Art

One of the hidden — and unfortunately sometimes forgotten — gems of FOCUS is The Exploratorium of Art. It’s a quiet place where you can browse among more than 260 images created by 44 artists. They will stretch your mind and show you new universes of imagination. You also can just sit with a friend and chat quietly, surrounded by this dazzling abundance of colors and forms including landscapes, portraits, still life images, and fantasies.

First: How to get there! The easiest way is to find one of these (see below) and just touch that middle entry.

Right in the middle there!

When you land, don’t freak. You’ll emerge into a pitch-black room, but turn around and you’ll see two doors. When you walk through either of them, and — six floors of awesomeness!

These are just the top three floors!

You now have options. You can sit for a while if you’re lazy and just like cam, or you can walk around — and get close up and personal with the carefully curated images by our best creative souls.

Relax. It’s quiet and peaceful in the lounge!

And yes, every month there is more being added (the latest just today, in fact!) So take a break, get away, and take advantage of this resource.