Monthly Photo Contest: Ansel Adams

If you want to submit an entry to the monthly FOCUS Photo Contest, the deadline is January 26th. If you’ve never heard of Ansel Adams or wondered why anyone would want to do photography in black and white, here’s one of Adam’s photographs.

“Clearing Winter Storm, Yosemite National Park,” by Ansel Adams, about 1937

Nothing shot here in Second Life can approach this kind of work, but … “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” Besides, if you don’t like what you shoot, that lets you start looking hard and trying to figure out why.

And here are some tips for making your SL black-and-white images look good:

Drop your entry in the fire-engine red mailbox in front of the FOCUS Welcome Center — and don’t forget to make your submissions ‘full permission’.

Not to be insultingly obvious, let this picture be your guide. We thought of keeping this image in theme — making this image black and white — but since the mailbox is red that didn’t seem very smart.