Lots of classes this month in The Learning Center!

Hermes Kondor teaching his class: “Zen Photography: The Magic of Smaller Things”


Wren Carling Parker has set up a series of photography related classes this month at The FOCUS Learning Center, on the main FOCUS Quadrangle — all free.

On Thursday, June 16th, Lord Voxel (1 am SLT) will explore “Lighting in Firestorm“. To avoid confusion, yes, Lord Voxel’s class will indeed be a 1 am SLT! ←

On Wednesday, June 22, Kitten (aka ‘Joaannna’) will examine “Details in the Landscape”. This class, also, will begin a 1 pm SLT.

And on Wednesday, June 29, Wren Carling Parker will do Part Two on Black Dragon, “The Poser”. She is offering two session of this class, one at 10 am SLT, and the other at 6 pm SLT.

All of these classes will be given in local voice, so please be sure to have your headsets/voice enabled. As a courtesy all attendees are asked to keep their voice muted when not speaking. Much as we want to hear your dog barking or that distant voice saying, “But I’m hungry!” not everyone in class may feel that way. Oh, no registration required.